Awarded fine art photography.

Generally speaking Marc creates tantalising images that capture the viewer’s attention for much more than a quick glance. The story is often incomplete or contains an unexpected twist.


Often as in the series “Stories” and “Captivating” the viewer is placed in the position of a voyeur. He/she is witness of a strange situation that was most likely not meant to become public. Typically the images show only part of the story, as there are often references to persons/items outside of the frame and or expected elements missing. Inside the frame there may be elements that trigger questions. All this invites the viewer to think and wonder about what she/he is actually seeing, what it means and in the end complete the story with his/her own thoughts.

The viewer’s creative process to ‘complete’ or ‘explain’ the story is an essential part of this series, and the images are set up in such a way that different persons are likely to arrive at different stories.

“Extra-Ordinary” is a series in which common objects are put together in a creative or unexpected way. In part of the series flowers or fruit come alive; become characters playing a role in the story.

For the creation of these images some technical hurdles needed to be taken. For example for the image Spotlight the two main challenges were to shape the flower in a curve as if it were a lamp-post (this is not photo-shopped, but an actual bent flower) and to mount a small light bulb in the head of the tulip to actually make it shine.

All works are in limited edition of maximum 10 + AP (Artist Proof); where relevant with additional Model Proofs (MP)

Not all of the works shown are fore sale.


Marc is open for projects on commission which are related to his style of photography.


2021 London Contemporary art fair (1 work); Venice Borders Art Fair (1 work); Bifarin "I want to believe" online exhibition
2020 Seeing women France (1 work); Kunsthuis18 Naaldwijk; Le Feu Amsterdam
2019 Kunstschouw; De verbeelding Pijnacker; Kunsttoer Lansingerland; Zomerexpo (1 work).
2018 Kunsttoer Lansingerland; Kunstgalerie Bleiswijk; Kunstfestijn Amstelkwartier Amsterdam; De verbeelding Pijnacker
2017 Kunsttoer Lansingerland; Gemeentehuis Capelle aan de Ijssel; De verbeelding Pijacker
2016 Kunsttoer Lansingerland; Kunstkelder Haarlem; tHUIS aan de AMSTEL Amsterdam; Kunstmarkt Capelle aan den IJssel.
2015 Kunsttoer Lansingerland; Kunstkelder Haarlem; Oosterzwembad Rotterdam; Retraiterie Bleiswijk. Kunstmarkt Capelle aan den IJssel


Marc received almost 100 awards from international contests split over 55 different images. The most important are:
- Overall winner ITSLIQUID International Contest 9th Edition 2021
- Gold award Tokyo International Foto Awards
- 2e place category Silhouet 10th International color awards (USA
- 2e place category Nude International Color Awards (USA)
- 2nd place cagegory “Egality” in Seeingwomen 2020 (France)
- Zilver medaille Prix de la Photography Paris (PX3)
- Bronz medaille Moscow International Foto Awards
- Finalist London International Creativity Contest.
- Finalist Sienna International Photo Awards
- Selected for Zomerexpo in Museum de Fudatie in Zwolle
The other awards are honorable mentions/nominations from:
International Photography Awards (USA); International color awards (USA); Moscow International Foto Awards; Photographers Forum (USA); ND awards (UK); Tokyo International Foto Awards; London International Creativity Contest; Prix de la Photography Paris; Fine Art Photography Awards (UK)


Member of the Kunstoer;