Here are some artists that I admire. Have a look to check if you like them too.

Monique van de MeijeBetween images
Beautiful photography, loaded with atmosphere. Check out her Dreamscapes; I have one on my wall!!

Arthur BernardArthur Bernard
Imperfect paintings, somewhere halfway between realistic and abstract, with warm Earthy colours.

Piet Kouwenhoven > Piet Kouwenhoven
Powerful paintings and sculptures, always showing movement.

Aleid Egas > Aleid Egas
Oil paintings showing landscapes, people or both. Her seascapes are wonderful; I have one on my wall!!

StanHill StanHill
Colourful, flamboyant; both Stan himself as well as his paintings, sculptures and some are larger than life!

Jellie Piersma Jellie Piersma
Jellie loves nature; no wonder these are the inspiration of most of her strong colourful paintings.